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The Y staff miss our campers and look forward to having the “Best Summer Ever!”

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We build confidence and independence! Your child will grow in spirit, mind and body by embodying the four core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility; which is modeled by our professional and caring staff.

Camp Activities

We offer a taste of everything at Barnstable Day Camp. Our summer is built of camps offering a new experience each week, with focuses on STEM, cultural appreciation, and the arts.

Today, day camp is more vital than ever. To deliver on the Y’s commitment to nurture the potential of every child and teen, day camp programs now more intentionally foster achievement, relationships, and belonging. Achievement, relationships, and belonging are essential dimensions of well-being that the Y can cultivate through day camp:

  • ACHIEVEMENT | Discovering skills. Campers experience achievement when they try different activities, learn what they like, and discover what they are good at.
  • RELATIONSHIPS | Building friendships. Campers have the opportunity to form healthy relationships with other children, caring adults, and role models, which helps them feel good about themselves and learn to get along with others.
  • BELONGING | Finding a place to belong. Campers connect through significant camp traditions and rituals that create a sense of belonging, so they feel included, accepted, and part of a community.

Daily Activities

Each week campers will have different activities based on that week’s camp theme. However, all camps will include art, STEM, nature, and high energy games throughout the week.

Field Trips

Campers will have trips to different places in order to enrich their experience.

Camp Terminology

  • Counselor – The role model leading a camper group of five to ten campers depending on age. Great at leading games and projects; a very versatile and driven community role model who can help with everything from finding the nearest bathroom to helping someone make a friend.
  • Unit – The age group your camper is assigned to. Broken up into two-year age divisions, Units come together at Morning Ceremonies, Lunch, and Dismissal.
  • Unit Director – The individual in charge of assisting counselors and helping with camper’s problems throughout the day. An excellent leader of both staff and campers alike.
  • Unit Area – The “home base” for each Unit; unit areas are spread throughout Camp Lyndon and offer a place for campers to store their backpacks, groups, to convene for activities, and lunch to be had.


Reach out to learn more about YMCA Cape Cod Summer Day Camps! [email protected] 508-362-6500 ext.1305

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